Why Spend Time Writing Articles

Reasons why YOU should start to write articles NOW:Written articles, when used in business marketing, is a way to expose your products and services to a great number of potential clients and it is inexpensively easy. Most website owners and article directories look for free content. When you submit articles as free content to article directories, you gain publicity, for free. This is beneficial for both you and the directories. Let me give you other reasons why you need to market with your articles:1. Website traffic. Place your articles on your own webpage but don’t forget to put a short description, the keywords, a simple bio and how you would like your articles to be used, sort of a guideline.2. Expertise. Submit articles that you are confident to write about. This will give you an opportunity to be known as an expert in your field.3. Authority. A published author has more authority and influence to others. That’s what you can become.4. Marketing. The bio that is submitted with your article can create traffic for your webpage. Plus, you can include links to affiliate sites, your products or services and similar stuff in that bio.5. New client. There is a big chance that you can find new subscribers and clients and a possibility to sell your product.6. Material. You will have extra material to provide to clients or your network.7. Recognition. This will be the start for you to be recognized on the web as word about you and your articles get known to many.8. Paid articles. When you have been recognized, you will start receiving requests to write articles or more than that, get paid for writing.9. More money. You can incorporate Google Ad Sense words to your articles to make more money.Techniques and Tips to Writing Good ArticlesCreative Writing TipsWriting is one form of personal expression. But creative writing is another thing. It is a skill that you need to master, just like any other skill. It has its own principles of constructions requirements that needs to be learned before one can call himself a creative writer. With consistent training and practice, you can master the “art” of creative writing.Books, and now websites, contain a lot of resources that gives you guides and sometimes training programs to help aspiring creative writers. There will be no harm trying those but I would like to give you some basics that could help you start in this field.Tips and Tricks for “Newbies”- Read and write. Read articles and essays that can be qualified as products of creative writing. If possible, do this daily and allow yourself to try writing your own, short articles. This will be very helpful even if it is done only for a short time.- Observe. When riding a bus or walking down the street, take note of phrases, the unusual once, that you happen to hear. It would be helpful if you have a small notebook with you all the time for this purpose.- Read and edit. The first attempt wouldn’t always be perfect. Read and edit your work upon completion. After a few days, read and edit it again, mark your mistakes, preferably with a red pen. It also helps to have a fellow writer read it and ask for feedback.- Take a break. Don’t confine yourself to writing because there will come a time that it will bore you. Take breaks and enjoy yourself.- Read your final article. It is always best to read your article again, even if it is the 3rd or 4th time that you do it. You will be surprised that some parts still need revising. That makes this part very important. Not only will you be able to make last minute correction but also allows your article be near to perfection.